NEW BOOK Arriving 2023!

High Performance PostgreSQL for Rails

Book Events Timeline

2023 Spring: Book clears Publication Review and enters Technical Review

2023 Winter: First Draft Complete. Presented on Partitioning at PG Day Chicago

Signed Book Deal with Pragmatic Programmers. Began writing.

Presented Scaling Rails and PostgreSQL at RailsConf Conference

Presented on PostgreSQL and Rails Scaling at PGConf NYC 2021

Early Technical Reviewer Feedback

Dave C. Photo
​"A book with this information would've allowed me to shortcut several years off of learning Postgres the hard way."
- Dave C.

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    Are you working with a publisher?

    Yes, Pragmatic Programmers.

    Can I see the book?

    Not yet. All chapters are written and being edited now. Some limited content can be shared with the publisher's permission.

    Is this the book landing page where I can buy it?

    No, this is for pre-release communication. I'm asking my professional network and social media followers for help in marketing the book by subscribing here and by sharing this page with their networks.


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